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Singtel TV SG50 documentary featuring JulsDsweet at Void Deck Wedding

Thank you to DaunDco and of course the Bride Khairunnisa AbuBakar and Groom Muhd Farhan, for the opportunity. Alhamdullilah. Watch clip 1:43s onwards featured the wedding documentary. Bride looking fabulous with overall makeup look and […]

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Duit Kipas Mak Andam

Article from friend’s facebook posting dated year 2013. Click the article to read.

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Successful collaboration at Royal Affair Wedding & Event Showcase on 3rd May 2014

GAZILLION Thank You to my awesome husband Imran Bin Marjuki for the infinity support. Subhanallah. JazakAllah. Love you baby so much. Muaahhhh. My greatest appreciation to the showcase hosts, Our Midas Touch, Perfect Frosting and […]

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How much do you charge for makeup and hair?!

Article are from C. Eden Di Bianco at and the other author is Nikita Pere Makeup Artist, the article is a mash up of articles from both of them. Are you in shock by […]

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JulsDsweet ditampilkan di Majalah SUTRA (Singapore) Ogos 2013.

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First Night Wonders

We have all heard about how exhausted the wedded couple is going to be after the ceremony, celebrations is over.  From a been there, done that point of view I can tell you that this […]

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Keeping Bridezilla at bay

You’ve seen it happen before.  As the wedding date draws closer, the sweet girl you’ve known suddenly mutates into a stressed, ferocious, psychotic bridezilla.  She becomes bossy and sarcastic to her friends, abrupt and harsh towards family […]

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