First Night Wonders

We have all heard about how exhausted the wedded couple is going to be after the ceremony, celebrations is over.  From a been there, done that point of view I can tell you that this is oh so not true!

The longing for some passionate moments with your significant other does not diminish with some rigorous rituals or public relations…

It’s your first night….or at least officially, so nothing should take it away from you and neither should you let anything come in the way!

Having said that you also have to bear in mind that there is a general myth about wedding nights; supposedly, every bride and groom have the most intimate and wonderful sex of their lives on their wedding nights!  In reality, while your wedding night may be a little different, it is an intimate moment and an opportunity.  It may not be the best sexual encounter-that can always be hoped for in the future- but it can be PLANNED to be one of the best evenings of your life.

Planning and organization are crucial for the first night as they are for an important board meeting!  Things may not work to exactly the way you plan but at least it will spice up your first night.


Take things slowly and savor the moment.  While you may be a little too tired to have most technically excellent sex of your lives, this is likely to be among your most romantic and intimate sexual experiences.  It’s worth taking a few minutes to talk about the magic of your day, the parts you loved the most, and how you feel about each other.  Since the wedding goes by so quickly, share with each other the high points of the wedding, and what you remember most.  Tip: Present a small wedding night gift to each other.

You may or may not know what to expect from the sexual front!  Try to just enjoy whatever happens.  If you’re a virgin, you/re probably full of questions and apprehensions.  If you/re not a virgin, you might be feeling pressure to have extra special wedding night sex.  Regardless of how much experience you have, you need to take the pressure off!  Instead, focus on enjoying each other.  If you end up consummating the marriage on your wedding night, great!  If not , there’s a lifetime ahead of you.
Flirt during the wedding, in wedding which is all about crowds, noise and ceremony; it may be difficult to snatch some private moments but remember nothing is impossible.
Whisper an ‘I love you’ when you kiss your spouse’s forehand or spouse’s forehead after the solemnization, a quick hug or a sexy brush of the shoulders whenever possible.  These will all help build the excitement for your alone time later.

Wedding night lingerie can really help the mood and it will also for a long way if the guy ensures he’s cleanly shaven and smelling nice!  Pick something a little different than what you usually wear to excite your partner.  Make sure you feel confident in it, as a confident lover is almost always a better lover.

Help yourselves get in to mood-light, some candles, bring some CDs and a radio, scatter rosepetals, or do whatever that helps you get in the mood.  And don’t be afraid to get your friends to help you with ideas or labour!  While they may tease you a little, they’ll certainly understand!

It’s also a good idea to accept the fact that you may be too exhausted or tipsy to have sex.  If one of you falls asleep, or isn’t in the mood, remember, it’s not a prediction of a doomed marriage.  Spend the time relaxing and remembering how wonderful your wedding day was.

Article from Wedding Magazine

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